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At Methaq Takaful, your investment goes beyond insurance; it’s an investment in a leading personal and corporate insurance company. Our commitment is to deliver favorable returns to our valued shareholders. With a steadfast focus on customer-centric solutions, innovation, and unwavering reliability, we continue to create opportunities for growth. Choose Methaq Takaful for a future that combines security and prosperity.


Current Share Prices on ADX

Stay connected to the market with up-to-the-minute share prices of Methaq Insurance Company on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). Our live share price feed ensures that you’re always up to date with our stock performance.


Latest Financial Results & Reports

Stay informed with our latest financial reports. We adhere to Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, UAE Central Bank, and UAE Securities and Commodities Disclosure Regulations.

Annual Financial Statements
Financial Statement, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Financial Statement, 2021 DOWNLOAD
Financial Statement, 2020 DOWNLOAD
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Quarterly Financial Reports
Financial Statement, 3rd Quarter, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Financial Statement, 2nd Quarter, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Financial Statement, 1st Quarter, 2022 DOWNLOAD
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Corporate Governance Reports
Corporate Governance Report, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Corporate Governance Report, 2021 DOWNLOAD
Corporate Governance Report, 2020 DOWNLOAD
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Management Reports
Management Report, 2022 DOWNLOAD
Management Report, 2021 DOWNLOAD
Management Report, 2020 DOWNLOAD
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Annual General Meetings Reports
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Financial Disclosures
Invitation to the Shareholders to subscribe for New Shares in a Right Issue DOWNLOAD
Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) in relation to the Increase of the Share Capital of Methaq Takaful Insurance Company PJSC DOWNLOAD
Invitation to stakeholders to subscribe DOWNLOAD
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Our Relationship Manager

Mohammed Elbouazzaoui

Contact our Investor Relationship Manager, Mr. Mohammed if you require any information regarding our company. He will respond to you within 72 hours from the time he receives your Enquiry. You can submit your enquiry to him via telephone, fax or email.

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