Corporate Insurance Plans

Motor Fleet Insurance

Discover our comprehensive motor fleet insurance designed to protect your corporate vehicles. Whether you have a small or large fleet, our policy ensures that you're covered in all road situations. Get a quote now!

Marine Hull Insurance

Safeguard your marine assets with our marine hull insurance. Whether it's a single vessel or a fleet, our coverage ensures your peace of mind. Get a quote now!

Marine Cargo insurance

Protect your cargo during transit with our marine cargo insurance. We offer reliable coverage for your goods as they move across the seas. Get a quote now!

Group Medical Insurance

Care for your employees' health with our group medical insurance. Our policies provide comprehensive healthcare coverage, fostering a healthy and motivated workforce. Get a quote now!

Workmen Compensation

Prioritize your workforce's well-being with our Workmen Compensation insurance. Our coverage ensures protection from work-related injuries, emphasizing the safety of your team. Get a quote now!

Public Liability Insurance

Protect your business from financial liabilities with our Public Liability Insurance. Our coverage is designed to safeguard against third-party claims, ensuring comprehensive protection in your interactions with the public. Get a quote now!

Professional Indemnity

Safeguard your professional reputation with our tailored Professional Indemnity insurance, mitigating risks associated with errors or professional negligence. Explore the confidence-building coverage designed to ensure your clients' trust in your services. Get a quote now!

Directors and Officers Liability

Ensure your company's leadership is protected with our Directors and Officers Liability insurance. Tailored for executives facing potential legal challenges, our coverage provides financial protection. Safeguard your leadership team – request a quote now!


Our SME property insurance is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. Secure your business premises and assets with our flexible and affordable coverage. Get a quote now!

Business Interruption

Prepare for the unexpected with our business interruption insurance. Ensure your business continuity during disruptions with this essential coverage. Get a quote now!

Fire & Perils Insurance

Guard against fire and perils with our specialized insurance plan. We provide protection for your property and assets, giving you peace of mind. Get a quote now!

Property all risks

Enjoy comprehensive protection with our property all risks insurance. This coverage is your shield against a wide range of potential hazards. Get a quote now!

Contractor All Risk

Safeguard your construction projects with our contractor or risk insurance. We understand the unique challenges in the engineering industry, and our coverage is tailored to your specific needs. Get a quote now!

Contractor plant & Machinery

Protect your valuable machinery and equipment with our contractor plant & machinery insurance. We offer coverage that keeps your operations running smoothly. Get a quote now!

Machinery Breakdown

Safeguard your machinery with our Machinery Breakdown insurance. We offer coverage for unexpected disruptions, ensuring the continuous operation of your equipment. Get a quote now!

Erection All Risk

Elevate project security with our Erection All Risk insurance. Tailored for construction projects, our coverage mitigates risks from start to finish. Request a quote to safeguard your investments today!

Fidelity Guarantee

Safeguard your business against financial losses due to employee dishonesty with our Fidelity Guarantee insurance. Our coverage provides protection against fraudulent activities, offering peace of mind for your organization. Enhance your security – get a quote now!

Group Personal Accident

Prioritize the well-being of your employees with our Group Personal Accident insurance. Our coverage ensures financial support in the event of accidents or injuries, promoting a secure work environment. Invest in your team's safety – get a quote now!


Protect your financial assets with our Money insurance. Whether it's cash in transit, at premises, or in a safe, our coverage mitigates the risks of loss or theft. Safeguard your monetary resources – get a quote now!

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