Methaq is offering a full range of Shariah compliant Property, Casualty, Accident and Health products, specifically designed to cater for the needs of individuals and corporate customers, and for the requirements of its Distribution Partners.

Why Takaful Solutions?

Takaful insurance is a cooperative system of support whereby a number of individuals share the risk of potential loss to any one of them. In the event of such loss occurring, the participants defray the cost incurred to that individual from the payments made by each of them and from the profits of investing those payments. The net excess of these amounts is distributed amongst the contributors.

Specifically, you should consider Takaful Solutions because:

1. They are Shariah Compliant Products,
2. They are Ethical & Fair based on the principle of solidarity,
3. The management charges (wakala fess) are up front and transparent,
4. They provide a safer environment due to the Mutual structure offered by Takaful,
5. Investments are strictly according to Islamic principles in accordance with Sharia guidelines,
6. The policy holder will be eligible to share in the surplus of the fund.