Business Partners

Business Partners

Methaq is a "multi-distribution" Company which offers Takaful Solutions to individual customers, small businesses and medium (SME) to large corporations through Distribution Partners like:

  • Financial Institutions:
    • Banks (Bankatakaful)
    • Asset Managers
    • Home Finance Companies
    • Leasing Companies
    • Conventional Insurance Companies
  • Independent Brokers
  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Direct Marketing Organizations

Services are made of flexible products, and "before-after sales" Web Solutions designed to support our Distribution Partner in servicing their customers. Web Services encompass: Consultations Simulations Transactions Management Information System Marketing Assistance etc. and can go up to the issuance of the policy & endorsements at the Point of Sale.

If you are a potential Business Partner in Distribution, please leave us your details so we can contact you and start evaluating how we can mutually benefit from a business partnership

If you are a potential Customer, please leave your personal details, so we can ensure you are contacted

Methaq does not compete with Distribution Partners as it deploys no direct sales force on the ground. Methaq has, therefore, no conflict of interest and focuses on delivering services to Distribution Partners so they can better service their customers.