Our Retakaful program is intended to provide the best quality & protection possible
Retakaful is an essential part of the Takaful business with a potentially significant impact on the financials. Effective management of Retakaful is the key to our competitive advantage – and sustainable growth.

Retakaful is the appropriate tool to shape the Policy Holders’ Fund's net liability from a portfolio. Recent developments in statistical modeling and simulation in the field of reinsurance have reached a level which has made it possible to take the portfolio perspective and truly understand the trade-offs between risk, capital and reinsurance.

At Methaq, we have arranged our Retakaful Treaties such that there is an effective transfer of risk and where the following four objectives are attained:

1. Optimum Capacities,
2. Highest Security,
3. Cost Efficient,
4. Technical Support

We have successfully partenered with top A rated European and Regional Reinsurers. Our proportional and non proportional treaties are led by:

Our others reinsurance partners are: