About Methaq

At Methaq Takaful, we believe in the power of agreements and joint guarantees. Our name itself, which translates to ‘agreement’ in Arabic, reflects our commitment to providing a strong foundation of trust and security for our valued clients. Founded with a vision to redefine the insurance industry, Methaq Takaful brings a unique approach to insurance. We’re not just a company; we’re your partners in safeguarding what matters most to you. Our philosophy centers around collaboration, shared responsibility, and a supportive community. With Methaq Takaful, you’re not just purchasing insurance; you’re becoming part of a trusted insurance company.

Vision & Mission

We are dedicated to providing reliable insurance services throughout the Middle East. Our purpose is to foster trust, ensure protection, and establish a new industry benchmark for insurance.


Our vision is to elevate Methaq from a local UAE company to a leading regional takaful insurance group. We aspire to offer comprehensive general insurance services that earn the trust of both corporate and individual clients. Our commitment to delivering high-value services will be achieved through diverse distribution channels, custom-tailored to meet the needs of our valued partners and clients.


Our mission is to secure the future and peace of mind for all our clients, whether corporate or individual, national or expatriate. We customize our offerings to meet their ever-evolving protection needs within the UAE, GCC, and beyond. Guided by ethical principles rooted in Shariah, we also strive to exceed the expectations of shareholders, business partners, and our dedicated team.


At Methaq Takaful, Retakaful forms the bedrock of our commitment to providing protection that surpasses expectations. Rooted in the principles of collaboration and shared responsibility, Retakaful stands as the pinnacle of our dedication to securing your peace of mind.

Retakaful is more than just an addition; it represents a network of strength forged through partnerships with esteemed reinsurance entities. This network empowers us to offer you protection that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Our Retakaful objectives—Optimum Capacities, Highest Security, Cost Efficiency, and Technical Support—serve as guiding stars, propelling us to redefine excellence in protection. Enter a world where security is uncompromised, and peace of mind is your constant companion.

Join us on a journey where protection isn't merely a promise but a steadfast commitment to your well-being. Experience the force of Retakaful with Methaq Takaful, where your safety is our unbreakable bond.

Re-takaful Objectives

At Methaq, our Retakaful approach is guided by a set of clear objectives, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your security and peace of mind.

Our Reinsurance Partners

We have forged successful partnerships with top-rated European and Regional Reinsurers, enhancing our commitment to your security and peace of mind.

Our Retakaful partners include distinguished names such as:

  • General Insurance Corporation of India (Gift City, India)
  • African Retakaful Company (Africa Re)
  • Singapore Re
  • Labuan Re
  • Société Tunisienne de Réassurance (Tunis Re)
  • CCR Algeria
  • Lloyds

These partnerships stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing you with the highest level of protection and peace of mind. With these reputable organizations by our side, we ensure that your trust in Methaq Takaful is fortified by the strength of our collaborative efforts.

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